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When  the babies have 6 m;.more then 50% of them have a ossific nucleus in the femur head.

-The nucleus of ossification when it appears and what it depends on which accelerates aco delays

What factors drive them:

When ossification receptors Dependency on the number of dishes Flow The bone of ossification after treatment with plaster and third degree necrosis; under what conditions it appears

- if blood circulation is rebuilding

- in what part of the head

- the vessels go from the ingrowth cartilage to the outer part of the head at what rate is 1mm or faster :?

Does ossification core appear 6m after the cast?

This is the norm? how to accelerate

Who knows;)?

Does the ossification core appear (after the 3m. gypsum-induced necrosis) mean that the blood circulation in the head has rebuilt, or does the morphological core appear at the same time?

Does the trochanter take part in the reconstruction of the head or is it growing at its cost?


















The ossific nucleus of the Femur head

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