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Rehabilitation after spica cast treatment mostly  after  overhead  and  close reduction  in luxatio  coxae  congenital( Lcc ,CDD ).

The hip acetabulum is usually dysplastic Typ II c  and. The femural heads  are in avascular necrosis 2-3 grad or more. ( too much obduction ( plaster gressing  or too much power in overhead)


Rehabilitation after treatment with an LCC cast is of fundamental importance for the shape of the femoral head;

the head is now severely disturbed by the so-called aseptic necrosis caused by the occlusion of the medial circumferential artery after too much abduction of the thigh in a plaster cast;

the procedure consists of several stages:

1. rebilding of the acetabular bone: -45 minutes of treatment 15 minutes break and try to keep the head close to the acetabulum (in the gutter formed by the parent's thighs, etc.) not by excessive abduction;

2. restoration of blood supply in the head: -weightless exercises until the appearance of ossification nuclei;

3. bone rebilding  in the femoral head: - gradual weight (in water, etc.)


case Barbara  6m

after 2 months preventation by parents


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