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We can put the hip spica cast only when we are sure that the head is freely in the acetabulum and we can

check the blood supply by ultrasound doppler:

if in the acetabulum there is an obstacle, the most often hypertrophied ligament of femur head,

placing the soica cast does not make sense and only causes total ischemia.

If the hip is unstable and the head does not stick in the acetabulum,we put it on either ;after an over

head lift or rehabilitation and check the blood flow by the ultrasound  in spica cast;

(for a maximum of 4 weeks) and do ultrasound doppler and x-ray

. Blood supply disorders are the main reason for the lack of rebilding of the acetabulum;

therefore, it is necessary to make a very precisely matched spica cast,

with a maximum abduction of 45 degrees and check with ultrasound whether there are any blood

circulation disorders;

if there is no improvement after the spica cast, we have disturbed the blood supply in the Hip and should

be put under ultrasound control again.

Without ultrasound doppler  control , we should not give  spica cast.



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