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If your baby  has diagnosed an unstable hip joint just after birth, the femoral head is dislocated outside the acetabulum

. Ultrasound examination  shows Type IV  (as below )


Help free of charge

call or send sms

as soon as possible


+48 609 999 000




The first two weeks were orthopedic  consulted from distance from another country (fb, internet, mms and tel.)


case Emilia


The diagnosis was made in a newborn unit in

3 day,s during a clinical examination;.Barlow test positive right hip;Ortholani test positive left hip;was ordered ultrasound examination;

usg picture  below 3 day,s. this child's parents called me in the afternoon, during my a trip abroad.

Frejka pillow treatment began in the evening.


before treatment 3 day"s old





after treatment 1 y.o.








2 y.o. usg



14 months y.o



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